Small-scale tetrode recording

Using standard tetrode recording setups, users can record the activity of single neurons or large-scale electric signals from the nervous system/targeted brain areas. It is divided between in vivo (within the living) and in vitro (in the glass) recordings.  

In vivo electrophysiology 


Axona tetrode recording research products include:  


Reusable microdrives come pre-configured and ready for customization from Axona. Various specialized tools and accessories are needed to complete the product, for instance fine platinum iridium wire that is twisted into tetrodes in a separate process, and outer and inner guide cannulae that are customized for each drive. Axona microdrives can fit two to eight tetrodes, offering 8-64 recording channels per drive. The driving mechanism only allows for all tetrodes to be driven down simultaneously. Assembly and customization of recording electrodes and microdrives are done by the researchers, in our separate tetrode lab facilities. We offer training and facilitation for all steps in the process.  

Headstage, pre-amplifier and Digital Data Acquisition System  

Axona headstages attach directly to the implanted microdrive in one end, and in the other end to one or two light weight and counterbalanced tethers that transfer the amplified and buffered signals to a pre-amplifier unit. The amplified signal is furher transmitted to Axona’s multichannel data acquisition system (dacq). The system unit includes position tracking, event logging and more. Dacq has an inbuilt digital oscilloscope where the user can see and listen to incoming live signals, choose between several pre-configured filters, route reference electrodes to any channel, as well as set gain and event triggered thresholds for each tetrode. Data analysis can be performed with compatible software ‘TINT’ or data can be exported to external software.   

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