User information


To use our facility/services you need to apply. For UiO or UiB facilities, you can apply under each technology. 

For new users of the NTNU facilities, please contact us for an initial discussion on how your project can best benefit from our services. After such an initial discussion we can provide estimates on the resources and time needed for the project and costs.

Due to limited staff resources, most users will have to run their own experiments after an initial period of training where the staff from Kavli Institute/CAC at NTNU will assist. Basic technical assistance and support will be provided by our staff as needed, but support and help with planning, setting up and running experiments have to be booked in agreement with the Kavli Institute/CAC.

Terms of use for NORBRAIN facility

By using our instruments and services you accept the following terms of use.

In General

  • Researchers with projects that benefit from the technology can apply for access. Access will be given to short-term users as well as sabbatical visitors.
  • Projects will be approved by the Director at the Centre where the facility is located and decisions will be monitored by the Scientific Board of NORBRAIN, which will have members from the major neuroscience institutions in Norway.
  • All users have a common responsibility for providing a good research environment that ensures optimal utilization of the equipment/methods and personnel.
  • Only properly trained users are allowed to use the equipment.
  • To use the services and equipment at NORBRAIN Facility in Trondheim, your project and booking needs to be approved by our NORBRAIN personnel.
  • All work at the NORBRAIN Facilities must be performed according to NTNUs Health, environment and safety (HMS) policy and standard operating procedures at Kavli Institute/ CAC.

Prices and agreements

  • Users will be expected to cover all direct project costs through their own funding but NORBRAIN will cover general maintenance and support (host institution’s contribution).
  • The user pay for the equipment and services according to the price lists posted on this page or under each technology on the UiO and UiB webpages. 
  • When project and project plan is approved, the NORBRAIN Facility will generate an agreement according to the performed booking.

User responsibility​

  • The user is responsible for being updated on and act according to the relevant, prevailing procedures and regulations at the NORBRAIN Facility.
  • The user is responsible for:
    • Proper handling of any biological and chemical materials.
    • Approved animal application describing the experiments and proper animal handling and storing during the experiment.
    • Necessary approvals according to Norwegian Law for handling human biological material and personal information.
  • All equipment and laboratory space shall be cleaned and set back to their standard set-up after running an experiment.

Prices at NTNU facilities

Academic prices are listed below. For industrial prices, please contact us.


  • Surgical station rat (excl. supplies)                      199 NOK/h
  • Surgical station mouse (excl. supplies)               194 NOK/h
  • Ultrasound station mouse                                   226 NOK/h
  • Perfusion facilities                                                 144 NOK/h


  • Full patch clamp rig                                             209 NOK/h


  • Cryostat                                                                 173 NOK/h
  • Vibratome                                                             142 NOK/h
  • Freezing microtome                                             147 NOK/h
  • Staining procedures                                              173 NOK/h


  • Fluorescence microscope                                   155 NOK/h
  • Automated scanning light microscope              100 NOK/h
  • Confocal microscope                                           275 NOK/h
  • Imaris workstation                                                 48 NOK/h


  • Reserved mouse                                                 3591 NOK
  • Reserved rat                                                        4665 NOK
  • Mouse cage                                                          193 NOK/week
  • Rat cage                                                                284 NOK/week


  • Start-up training                                                   750 NOK/h