The microtome park is suited for production of histological sections from fresh or fixed tissues by use of vibratome, freezing microtome or cryostat. The unit includes a hood for dissection and equipment for deparafination and antigen retrieval in formalin fixed, paraffin embedded tissue sections.


  • Cryostat NX70 (two units) from Thermo Scientific with vacutome, Cold-D disinfection and cooling on knife and objective holder. Suitable for cryosectioning of fixed and fresh tissues at 5 – 20 micrometers.
  • Sliding and freezing microtome MICROM HM 450 (two units). Suited for serial cryosectioning of fixed tissues at 20 – 50 micrometers.
  • Vibratome VT1200S Leica Microsystems with digital camera. Suited for sectioning of relatively thick sections (50-100 µm) of fresh or fixed tissues at room temperature.
  • Dako PT Link is used for deparafination and antigen retrievel from fixed, parafin embedded tissue sections.

Photo: Gunnar F. Lothe, Institutt for medisinske basalfag, UiO.

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