Project owner

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) 

Scientific project manager

Edvard I. Moser, NTNU 

Administrative project manager

Bjarne Foss, NTNU

Coordinator for infrastructure at the Oslo node

Trygve Brauns Leergaard 

Coordinator for infrastructure at the Bergen node

Clive Bramham and Espen Hartveit 

Host institutions for the research infrastructure

NTNU, with Univ. of Bergen (UiB) and Univ. of Oslo (UiO) as partners

Governance model

An illustration of the governance model of Norbrain consisting of steering board, management group, scientific advisory board and five workpackages.

Steering Board

The NORBRAIN steering board is the highest decision body of the consortium. It consists of one representative from each partner at a strategic decision level (Deans of involved Faculties). The Board meets twice a year and is responsible for changes in investment and project strategy. The Board is used as a conflict solver in case of disagreements. It takes strategic decisions about national and international co-operations.

Management group

The Management Group (MG) is the executive unit of NORBRAIN. Edvard Moser is Scientific Director and Bjarne Foss is Administrative Director of NORBRAIN. He leads the MG and the management of the consortium. The MG consists of the local coordinator(s) of each infrastructure node (Moser, Leergaard, Bramham/Hartveit) and has bimonthly meetings. The MG runs the daily business of the infrastructure. It is responsible for implementing Board decisions and follows up progress and deliveries. WP leaders will be called in to MG meetings as needed.

Work packages

Work package (WP) leaders are responsible for progress and deliverables of their respective WPs. The WP leaders report to the Management Group, which in turn reports to the Steering Board.

Work Packages will be led by a WP leader. Key personnel, in addition to Moser and Foss, are:

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) advises biannually regarding strategic development, implementation, upgrades and management of the infrastructure. Meetings will rotate between NORBRAIN nodes. The SAB consists of 4 of the world’s leading scientists in neuroscience and neuroscience technology, all with considerable experience in research management:

User involvement

There will be held user meetings to obtain feedback from the broad spectrum of external and internal users. User satisfaction surveys will be conducted in addition.