Two-photon laser scanning microscopy units

Two-photon laser scanning microscopy is a fluorescence imaging technique that allows fast and minimally invasive imaging of living tissue to a depth of one millimeter at sub-micrometer lateral resolution. Compared to confocal microscopy, 2PLSM offers the advantages of deeper tissue penetration, less photo damage outside the focal region, inherent optical slicing and less chromatic aberration.

The technology allows fast, detailed imaging of calcium signalling at the synaptic level, including measurements of cerebral blood flow (after intravascular injection of fluorescent dye), brain fluid dynamics (after injection of fluorescent tracer in the cerebrospinal fluid), and brain metabolism.

The NORBRAIN node at UiO includes advanced two-photon laser imaging units for:

We offer expertise and imaging technology for a wide range of basic science applications. Depending on project needs and experimental design, access is typically given in a collaboration context. 

Photo: Letten Centre, UiO.

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