Introducing the new generation of neural-circuit technologies to the broad spectrum of neuroscientists in Norway.

One of the greatest advances in neuroscience during the past few decades is the invention of tools for monitoring and manipulating electrical activity in large distributed neural circuits. These tools have laid the basis for studies of neural network computation and the mechanistic basis of higher brain functions and they are expected to help us understand complex neural dysfunctions including psychiatric diseases. The Nobel Prize to the Mosers is a direct reflection of this turn to neural-systems analyses.

As well as introducing the new generation of neural-circuit technologies to the broad spectrum of neuroscientists in Norway, NORBRAIN also set up for training of new users in order to facilitate the use and integration of the new technologies.

Viral Vector Core. Rajeevkumar Nair Raveendran

Viral Vector Core

The Viral Vector Core at Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience is a well-equipped facility with a rare expertise to make high quality viruses for research purposes.

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Recording facilities. Patch clamp rig 2

Recording facilities

Our recording rooms are spacious, most are around 15 m2 with some facilities of larger or smaller size. Recordings can be performed while rats or mice run in

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7Tesla Siemens Healthineers. 7Tesla magnetic-resonance

7Tesla magnetic-resonance

Norwegian 7T MR Center is a National infrastructure for neuroscience research. The mission is to provide the Norwegian community of neuroscientists the very best tools for high resolution structure-function

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Recording facilities. Axona3

Small-scale tetrode recording

Using standard tetrode recording setups, users can record the activity of single neurons or large-scale electric signals from the nervous system/targeted brain areas. It is divided between in vivo (within

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Surgery table

Surgery facilities

Surgery facilities are available for users planning to perform experiments with instruments that are part of the NORBRAIN facility (tetode recordings, Neuropixels recordings, 2P microscope

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